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Solutions for your home

How does it work?

A Verisol solar panel and inverter system allows you to generate your own electricity. If you choose the net zero alternative, you only pay the Federal Electricity Commission the interconnection fee

1. Start

Get free advisory and a quote for the solar panel and inverter system that best suits your needs

3. Installation

Our qualified work force will mount and test the system of solar panels and inverters

4. Performance

Now that you are producing clean energy may see the benefits. Not only for yourself, but for the planet.

2. Design

We design a solar panel and inverter system that is tailored to your needs. We take care of the contracts and permissions required by the CFE and inspections.

Paneles solares siendo instalados en el techo de un hoar
5. Guarantee

We will make sure that your solar panels are performing as promised by generating the electricity we calculated, and that you are achieving the target savings.

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