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A better way to fulfill your energy needs at home or in your business

We take care of your photovoltaic installation, using high quality standards. We are the only supplier you will ever need, from your first inquiry until you are interconnected with CFE, and beyond.


Our work

For your home

You decide to start saving and generating your own energy, we take care of the design, installation, testing and paperwork. Your photovoltaic system is one phone call, WhatsApp or text away.

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Solutions for your business

We design, install and provide maintenance to commercial facilities. We've got you covered, from a small office or store to a large factory.

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About us

At Verisol, these are our principles that guide us in everything we do, design and install. In our treatment of customers and suppliers.


In Verisol we integrate technology solutions so that the people and businesses who use our products and services are competitive and environmentally friendly.


Contact us

Ignacio Carrillo 1273

Col. Chapalita

Guadalajara, Jalisco



WhatsApp y Mobile Phone

Home inquiry: 33 1044 9779‬

Business inquiry: 33 23 600 900

Thanks! We'll keep in touch

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